Working at Height

Rope Operations & Rescue Training Courses

Rope rescue training from Rescue 3 Europe is based upon years of experience, robust testing, and the latest research.  Our instructors haven't just read the book (very often) - they wrote it. We ensure that instructors are kept up to date with the very latest techniques and principles.

We can come to you to deliver the appropriate level courses in your operational environment, dealing with the challenges you face on a daily basis. Alternatively, when coming to one of our training providers you can be sure of high quality venues that maximise your learning and time 'on rope'.

Rope Access for Emergency Responders

This course is aimed at members of technical rope rescue teams who want to become proficient in rope access techniques.

CoWorker Rescue at Height

Everyone who works at height may be faced with a colleague who has fallen and is hanging helplessly in his fall protection system. This course teaches participants to deal with that situation.

Rope Rescue

This course covers concepts and techniques to enable small teams to undertake technical rope rescues. A ‘building block’ approach is used throughout the course so that candidates can progress from key concepts through to the rigging and operation of full systems for raising, lowering and highline rescues.

Swift Water Rescue

We train companies and individuals on how to rescue safely from swift water.

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UK Canyon Guide Course

We also offer canyon guide courses to get you to the level that you want to be.

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