Coasteering Training

Coasteering Training

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NC Coasteering Training

This course is designed to give future Coasteering Guides training in group management, personal skills and rescue techniques within the coasteering environment. At the end of it, you will have a clear action plan on what skills and techniques you may need to develop to increase your performance in Coasteering.

who is this course for?

Coasteering instructors wanting/ requiring qualification. Individuals wanting professional training.


Strong swimmer and basic level of overall fitness. Previous coasteering experience.

course outcome

Training and assessment inline with National Coasteering Charter guidelines. OST certification.

course duration

5 Days

To take this course you should aready have experience in instructing, coaching and guiding in the outdoors, and are keen to explore how Coasteer Guiding works.

You will learn about:

  • Forecasting sea conditions
  • Understanding coasteering equipment and how to use it effectively Group management in a range of scenarios.

It is delivered by a Coasteering Guide Instructor Sam Starkie who has at least 10 years Coasteering Guide experience.

Professional Training