Bolting Canyons

Bolting Canyons

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Bolting Canyons

As more people gain skills to descend canyons in the UK there is a much higher chance of people placing bolts in incorrect or unsafe positions. OST, alongside UKCG, feel it’s very important to educate people on how to place and inspect bolts in canyons in the safest possible way.

This 2 day workshop covers all of the basics on how to place bolts correctly in order build a safe anchor. We hope that people will place bolts responsibly with thought and in a useful manner for others to use in the future.

who is this course for?

Professional or recreational canyoneers wanting to learn bolting skills and techniques.


Technical canyon workshop.

course outcome

Certificate of competence.

course duration

2 Days.

Course content

  • Drills
  • Rock types
  • Bolts
  • Glues
  • Inspection
  • Where to place ”canyon” bolt
  • How to place a ”canyon” bolt
  • Equalising bolt anchors
  • Friction – Loading
  • Testing
  • Bolt a canyon