Technical Canyoneering

Technical Canyoneering

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Technical Canyon Training Course

This 3 day workshop is based around the core skills required in moving around basic single pitch canyons, and gorgewalks. Successful completion of this course will give you the skills to venture out canyoning safely, and is also a pre-requisite for the Single Pitch Guide assessment.

who is this course for?

Canyoneers wishing to learn the skills to descend single pitch canyons.


Be able to rig and load a descender and abseil.

Be able to tie:- figure 8 (bite, rethread), munter or italian hitch (tie off), tape knot, no knot. alpine butterfly, clove hitch.

Be familiar with swift water hydrology.

Have an understanding of map-reading and topography.

course outcome

Skills sheet (this course is a prerequisite for Single Pitch Guide).

course duration

3 Days

Core Skills

  • Jumping
  • Equipment
  • Canyon climbing
  • Swimming
  • Sliding
  • Spotting
  • Abseiling
  • Releasable rigging
  • Setting contingencies
  • Flash flood awareness
  • Anchors
  • Risk management
  • Weather
  • Topography / canyon ratings